Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Solar Eclipse~A Time for New Beginnings

Yesterday I was giving a new client a mini intro to Reiki toward the end of our counseling session. I vividly saw an eclipse during the treatment. I forwarded the message to my client explaining that eclipses symbolize new beginnings...

It's OK to move forward. This is the time for new beginnings & to let go of the past. What do U want to release for the solar eclipse? What unwanted behaviors, habits, patterns, limiting attitudes & beliefs, individuals, objects, etc., etc. do you want to release from your life? Whatever is not serving you well, just let it go!

The following is from MSIA's ( challenge of the week: "A challenge for you this week is to sit down, take some time for yourself, and treat yourself nobly - because you are noble. Ask the Lord for perfect protection. Ask yourself if you were to come back to this existence again, what would be the thing that you have inside of you right now that you would not want to bring back. Then erase that thing out of your life." - John-Roger.

Please read the following spiritual explanation of the total solar eclipse by Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari as well! July 22, 11:58 PM Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari - LA Higher Consciousness Examiner Total Solar Eclipse Longest in 21st Century. "Today marks the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century. A total solar eclipse may most simply be described as the natural occurrence of light to darkness and back to light again as the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. It can only happen during a new moon. A szygy must occur --- which is the alignment of three or more celestial bodies along a straight line. Solar and lunar eclipses are one of nature's most impressive phenomenons. They mark changes in the physical and energetic or spiritual universe. The most viewed eclipse ever, the July 22nd solar eclipse was seen in some of the most densly populated countries in the world including western India, northern Bangladesh, easternmost Nepal, Bhutan and several large cities in China. 'This may be the most people that have ever been in the Moon's shadow at once,' say NASA eclipse experts Fred Espenak and University of Manitoba meteorologist Jay Anderson. Energy and light workers and other spiritualists are excited about the more esoteric implications of today's eclipse. Eclipses always mark new beginnings. Today's record breaking length will have lasting effects of up to three years! It is said that today's eclipse will open hearts, challenge egoism, and create a pathway for the elevation of all humankind. Mankind is expected to fast forward to our next level of consciousness as we shed superficial emotional attachments to make room for higher consciousness. It is everyone's time to activate their higher consciousness for the good of the universe. Let go of the past to make room for a new reality. Free yourself from the bondage of past hurts and lighten your heart. Forgive others and yourself. Love unconditionally. Remember the opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. Clear your living space. Tess Whitehurst is a credible and deeply spiritual feng shui practitioner qualified to help you welcome new energy into your home. Take her class or schedule a consultation. Clear energy fields, balance chakras and raise your vibrational frequency to align yourself with the lighter, less dense energy of the future. Do exercises that align mind, body and spirit like tai chi, yoga or pilates. Embrace the challenges to self-correct as you evolve. Step into your role and serve the universe in the way that God has asked of you. If you need help getting out of your own way, join Deborah Cujino Deras at a Passionate Living Now workshop . It's time for fearless manifesting!"
I hope this info was as valuable to you as it was to me. Join together with like-minded individuals who are paving the path for higher consciousness for the good of all.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Is vanity really one of the deadly sins?

In my case it is definitely not! It is what got me to quit smoking 20 years ago. As soon as I found out smoking caused premature wrinkling and aging, that was enough for me. Besides, I no longer wanted to be a slave to a little white stick. I hated being controlled by cigarettes. I also hated the smell; on me, my clothes, home and car. Of course I knew the health risks of smoking, but that is not what got me to ultimately quit. It's funny, if our inner organs were displayed on the outside, I wonder how many people would continue to smoke? I was not going to subject my skin, which is visible to me and everyone else, to the harmful effects of smoking any longer. I already had a strike against me from sun worshipping! Hard to avoid the sun growing up on Long Island with all our wonderful beaches. It's a good thing our summer's are only two months long. However, I found quitting smoking was difficult to do on my own. It's a powerful addiction, both psychologically and physiologically. That's where Hypnosis played a key role in assisting me with getting rid of a habit I no longer wanted. I had a high expectation of the process of hypnosis, a great belief in myself to change, commitment and determination to succeed. The point I am trying to make is that your WHY for quitting has to be big enough. You must learn to hate your drug of choice and be willing to adopt healthier habits. Now ask me if I LOVE IT when I'm mistaken for being in my late 30's or early 40's and I'm actually 51!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

A profound lesson in appreciation!

The following was taken from Bob Proctor's daily insights. Please check out for great daily insights. And on Fridays, Bob sends out a meaningful story.

How many times are we ready to give up and throw the towel in? We are still living in the "quick fix" mentality. We say we have faith but when it takes too long we're all too ready to give up. Please read the following story carefully, there is more than one lesson here. Enjoy!~Eugenia

The Lesson of the Morning Glory!

I planted seeds in my little garden this year.
I have never planted seeds before, because I am not a very patient person, and waiting for the little green shoots to rise above the ground, was just too much for me. But this year, I thought I would give it a try. I thought it would be a good metaphor for me, to plant something and watch it grow, much as I have many times, planted thoughts, dreams and affirmations and watched many of them become a reality.
And so, in the Spring of this year, I planted my garden. I chose many types of flowers and among them, Morning Glories. Within a month, many of the other flowers were bursting through the earth, but not the Morning Glories.
Each morning, I would run outside to check on them, and nothing, nothing for several weeks more. I was about to give up on them. I was sure that they just did not 'take' so to speak. But finally, it happened! They had broken through the earth, and were starting to climb. And climb, and climb, and climb, they did....with their big, beautiful, heart shaped leaves.
And so, the saga continued, nothing for weeks and weeks and weeks but more and more beautiful leaves. And I thought to myself, "Well, leaves are nice, but that is all I will probably get at this point." And then, one fine and glorious morning, there it was, the most beautiful sky-blue morning glory I have ever seen!!! It seemed like a miracle to me. I had waited over 3 months for this one delicate, funnel-shaped flower to show up and now here it was, in all its splendor.
It reminded me of just how many times I had waited in life for something I had longed for, and how incredible it felt when it finally arrived, and also, how many times, that I had wanted to throw in the towel, and just give up.
But I wasn't prepared for what was to happen next, with these little flowers, and I was surprised and deeply saddened by it.
Roses and geraniums and daisies and most other flowers bloom and stay around for a while, but not Morning Glories. Morning Glories open themselves up to the world, in the morning, in all of their glory, hence the name, Morning Glory.
And if you look closely at them, you will see how extraordinary they are, both in colour and texture, and that in their centre, is a kind of golden light that shines from within.
But here is the hard part...
At the end of the day, they turn a most beautiful shade of lavender, and then close up, wither and die. They live for only one day, and then they are gone. I cannot tell you how much this saddened me, and what a profound effect this little flower had upon my life. I kept thinking how sad to be so beautiful and live for only one day. And then, I suddenly realized what a gift they were.
You see, it doesn't matter how long your life is. It only matters that you were here, in all your glory, that you opened up completely, and let your light shine, and that you brought joy to those who came into contact with you. That's what matters to the morning glory, and that's what really matters to all of us.
The morning glories make me appreciate every new day now, in a way I didn't before. Each evening, I go and visit with them, knowing those particular ones won't be here tomorrow, new ones will take their place. If we knew when we woke up in the morning, that we only had that one day to really live, life would be very different indeed for many of us.
Now, each morning, I give thanks that I have been given the gift of another day, in all its glory. We can learn from all of life, if we remain open to the beauty that is all around us. And nature can be one of our greatest teachers.
What a profound lesson from such a simple flower.
Thank you, my sweet little morning glories!

Veronica Hay

Veronica Hay is an inspirational writer and author of In A Dream, You Can Do Anything, An Extraordinary Collection Of Words. Her work inspires others to be more of who they really are. For more insights and inspiration you can visit her website at: or email her at

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Ah-ha! And then I saw the lightbulb go off over their heads...

Many clients tell me that they find cigarette smoking very relaxing. Hmmm...that's interesting I say since nicotine is a STIMULANT. Why do you suppose it's relaxing? And then I get a quizzical look. Maybe it's because you're taking a moment for yourself, giving yourself a chance to re-group during a stressful situation? Perhaps it's the act of BREATHING that you find relaxing I suggest. Taking deep breaths of oxygen into your lungs? How about trying it without the little white cancer stick going from your hand to your mouth? Do you realize that along with the oxygen you are also inhaling nicotine, cyanide, formaldehyde and several other harmful chemicals? And then I see the light bulb go off over their heads! We all have heard Dr. Oz on the Oprah show emphasizing the benefits of BREATHING...deep diaphragmatic breathing, where you push the air into your belly and not just having your chest and shoulders rise up and down. Dr. Oz suggests 20 such breaths a day. We've also heard it many times before as it applies to meditation and yoga. Concentrate on your breath. Seems to me they might be onto something here! So why not give it a try? It's FREE and you can do it anytime you feel stressed. P.S. It also works great for geting you off to sleep and back to sleep. My clients report a significant decrease in insomnia once they eliminated the smoking habit.