Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Solar Eclipse~A Time for New Beginnings

Yesterday I was giving a new client a mini intro to Reiki toward the end of our counseling session. I vividly saw an eclipse during the treatment. I forwarded the message to my client explaining that eclipses symbolize new beginnings...

It's OK to move forward. This is the time for new beginnings & to let go of the past. What do U want to release for the solar eclipse? What unwanted behaviors, habits, patterns, limiting attitudes & beliefs, individuals, objects, etc., etc. do you want to release from your life? Whatever is not serving you well, just let it go!

The following is from MSIA's ( challenge of the week: "A challenge for you this week is to sit down, take some time for yourself, and treat yourself nobly - because you are noble. Ask the Lord for perfect protection. Ask yourself if you were to come back to this existence again, what would be the thing that you have inside of you right now that you would not want to bring back. Then erase that thing out of your life." - John-Roger.

Please read the following spiritual explanation of the total solar eclipse by Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari as well! July 22, 11:58 PM Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari - LA Higher Consciousness Examiner Total Solar Eclipse Longest in 21st Century. "Today marks the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century. A total solar eclipse may most simply be described as the natural occurrence of light to darkness and back to light again as the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. It can only happen during a new moon. A szygy must occur --- which is the alignment of three or more celestial bodies along a straight line. Solar and lunar eclipses are one of nature's most impressive phenomenons. They mark changes in the physical and energetic or spiritual universe. The most viewed eclipse ever, the July 22nd solar eclipse was seen in some of the most densly populated countries in the world including western India, northern Bangladesh, easternmost Nepal, Bhutan and several large cities in China. 'This may be the most people that have ever been in the Moon's shadow at once,' say NASA eclipse experts Fred Espenak and University of Manitoba meteorologist Jay Anderson. Energy and light workers and other spiritualists are excited about the more esoteric implications of today's eclipse. Eclipses always mark new beginnings. Today's record breaking length will have lasting effects of up to three years! It is said that today's eclipse will open hearts, challenge egoism, and create a pathway for the elevation of all humankind. Mankind is expected to fast forward to our next level of consciousness as we shed superficial emotional attachments to make room for higher consciousness. It is everyone's time to activate their higher consciousness for the good of the universe. Let go of the past to make room for a new reality. Free yourself from the bondage of past hurts and lighten your heart. Forgive others and yourself. Love unconditionally. Remember the opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. Clear your living space. Tess Whitehurst is a credible and deeply spiritual feng shui practitioner qualified to help you welcome new energy into your home. Take her class or schedule a consultation. Clear energy fields, balance chakras and raise your vibrational frequency to align yourself with the lighter, less dense energy of the future. Do exercises that align mind, body and spirit like tai chi, yoga or pilates. Embrace the challenges to self-correct as you evolve. Step into your role and serve the universe in the way that God has asked of you. If you need help getting out of your own way, join Deborah Cujino Deras at a Passionate Living Now workshop . It's time for fearless manifesting!"
I hope this info was as valuable to you as it was to me. Join together with like-minded individuals who are paving the path for higher consciousness for the good of all.

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  1. It is certainly a time of new beginnings!
    Things are speeding up, and riding the flow with our intuition as our guide is a marvelous way to cooperate with the influx of Light that is available to all of us.
    Pay attention, let go, and let the Spirit fly!
    "The world is a place worth being," Bill Strickland

  2. What a wonderful post, I am certainly riding the wave of new beginnings. No accident it seems that important shifts occurred for me this week. I am still digesting them...