Sunday, October 11, 2009

Are you taking your stress out on your teeth?

Is your jaw and face sore when you wake up in the morning? Are you experiencing earaches and headaches? Are you anxious, stressed out and overly concerned about your finances and the current economic situation?

Bruxism (teeth grinding) is a subconscious muscle activity caused by the release of flight or fight hormones. The released stress hormones mobilize energy which in turn cause muscle movement. Did you know that some nocturnal teeth grinders will grind their teeth up to 40 minutes of every hour of sleep?

What are you doing to relieve stress in your life? How are you promoting good sleep hygeine? Are you still watching the news before bedtime? Do you know how and what to do to relax? Or are you just taking it out on your teeth?

Rather than get fitted for a night guard, why not come in and have a hypnosis session that will induce a calm, peaceful, relaxed state? I will teach you relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation and review tips and guidelines for reducing and managing stress in your life. Stop taking it out on your teeth today!

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