Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can You Actually Release Extra Weight During the Holiday Season?

YES!  It is possible to reduce weight over the Holidays.  'How?' you say.  Simply release the negative belief that it's inevitable that you are going to gain weight and take inspired action to manage your weight effectively.  A great way to keep your resolve is to incorporate hypnotherapy into your weight management program.  It will assist you with your desire, determination and motivation to keep the weight off.  Hypnosis will jump start your own will power so that you won't succomb to peer pressure from well-intentioned friends and family during the Holidays.  Through hypnotherapy I will bypass your conscious mind where all the negative self-talk and excuses exist and appeal to your sub-conscious mind which is alert and ready to accept and implement positive suggestions.  Is it time for you to make a committment to yourself and accept responsibility for being your body's keeper?  Is it really possible?  Yes, it is...just ask Corey who has released 20 lbs in the last month.  Contact me and I will gladly put you in touch with him to hear his testimonial of SUCCESS.

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