Thursday, December 17, 2009

Benefits of Expressing Gratitude Daily

When you are GRATEFUL for what you have in your life right at this moment, it opens your heart up to receiving more.

Expressing GRATITUDE daily takes you out of the mind set of fear, lack and scarcity and puts you in the mind set of prosperity and abundance.

Science has proven that people who express their GRATITUDE daily are 25% happier and significantly healthier than those who don’t. What a wonderful way to uplift your spirits! And without drugs!

Here is my Gratitude and Appreciation list and my Alphabet of Gratitude list from the end of 2008. I can't wait to update my list for the end of 2009!


I am so grateful that the Universe supplies all of my needs. God is bigger than any of my obstacles.

I am so grateful for my body. It's treated me so well over the years and is aging gracefully. I'm happy with the way I look.

I am grateful for my positive outlook on life and for my 'young @ heart' spirit!

I am grateful for having Tommy in my life.

I am grateful for being born me - for my house, car, family, health and the feeling of joy with which I pursue each and every day.

I am so grateful now that I am focusing on my business. I have a job I love, a career that I'm good at and I can afford anything I want for myself or my family.

I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me easily and effortlessly, in ever increasing quantities, through multiple sources of income, on a continuous basis.

I am grateful that I am able to travel back and forth from NY to FL often and easily.

I am grateful for the power of discernment.

I am grateful that I have free will.

I am grateful that I am willing to learn and grow.

I am grateful that I continuously seek enlightenment and awakening and that I am not alone in this quest.

I am grateful that God puts people in my path that will help me progress.


I am grateful for my positive ATTITUDE

I am grateful for my youthful APPEARANCE

I am grateful for our nearby BEAUTIFUL BEACHES

I am grateful that I BELIEVE in God

I am grateful for my CAR

I am grateful that I am a CARING person and that I have CARING people in my life

I am grateful for my DAD and that he is a cancer survivor

I am grateful for my DETERMINATION

I am grateful for being nick-named EEK the Greek

I am grateful for my ENDURANCE

I am grateful for my dancing EYES

I am grateful for my like-minded FRIENDS

I am grateful for my unwavering FAITH

I am grateful that I choose to believe in GOD and that GOD is always there for me

I am grateful for my GREEK heritage

I am super grateful for my good HEALTH

I am grateful for my INNOCENCE

I am grateful that I am JOYFUL

I am grateful that I am a 'KARAHALIAS'

I am grateful that I am the KEY player in my success

I am grateful for the LITTLE things that bring a smile to my face

I am grateful that I have a LOVING man in my life

I am grateful for the MAN in my life

I am grateful for MUSIC and for my eclectic taste in music

I am grateful for the unsolicited NICE things that people have done for me this year

I am grateful for my OLIVE complexion

I am grateful for the individuals I am attracting to PARTNER up with at the wellness center

I am graeful for my PERSERVERANCE

I am grateful for having Tommy who treats me like a QUEEN

I am grateful for the books I have available to READ to further my awakening

I am grateful for being able to SMELL beautiful flowers and feel the warm SUN on my body

I am grateful for mindless humor TV shows

I am grateful for my sense of TASTE

I am grateful for my UNWAVERING faith in myself

I am grateful for my godmother VERA

I am greatful for my WATERFRONT summer/winter home

I am grateful for X-RAY technology

I am grateful for the bright YELLOW sun

I am grateful for great movies like ZORBA the Greek!

Now that you get the idea, how about making your own list? Fill your heart with GRATITUDE and watch the miracles happen.

I have been expressing my gratitude daily and focusing on what IS working in my life rather than focusing on what I don't have and what is not working since last fall and I am happy to report that it has made a significant and profound impact in my life.  Utilizing this tool daily allows me to remain in the mind set of prosperity and abundance which facilitates my ability to attract more abundance into my life.  It takes you away from fear and reacting to situations in desperation and allows you to focus and take inspired actions toward achieving your goals.  As I re-read my list from last year, I recognize the tremendous value of documenting one's gratitude.  It is an excellent tool to measure how much one has grown in  just one year.  It is at the top of my list for my clients to become more proactive in their lives.

To get you started go to this great site and sign up for your free account and start posting what you are grateful for everyday. It only takes but a few minutes.  You can invite friends to join you or you can keep your posts private - it's your choice.

I'll keep you posted on my 2009 list. I have 14 days to get it done!

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