Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Are You Ready for Beach Weather?

So are you ready for beach weather?

Are you feeling out of control?  Powerless?  If so, hypnosis is an excellent tool for self empowerment.  It jump starts your will power and allows you to take your power back. 

Here is what Stacey S. had to say after just one visit: Good news, I have been listening to tape and have lost weight. I can actually fit into things I could not last year. I really sing your praises, and while out to lunch with my boss, we discussed how my eating habits have changed (for the better). I don't eat the bread basket and save half my lunch - just think after only one session.

And here is what Corey M. had to say on April 26th: Eugenia, "PB" (Poster Boy) checking in. Thought I would give you the official results as of 6months.  No desserts, No bagels, Not desiring them either!!  I do exercise; I drink more water!!!  Woohoo!!  The 6 month final release is 59lbs and still the journey continues. I also still listen to my sessions. Very rewarding!!!!

This can be you too.  All you have to do is to take the first step which is to contact me and inquire about my packages.  Sessions can be held in person or remote via phone and Skype.

It's time to UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL!  And you will see how the benefits generalize to all areas of your life.

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