Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hypnosis is a Collaboration between the Therapist and You!

"Eugenia, "PB" (Poster Boy) checking in. Thought I would give you the official results as of 6 months. No desserts, No bagels, Not desiring them either!!  I do exercise; I drink more water!!! Woohoo!! The 6 month final release is 59lbs and still the journey continues. I also still listen to my sessions. Very rewarding!!!!" ~ Corey Milman
Hypnosis is an education and communication process that allows your own inner intelligence to help you make the changes you desire. Your own decision to participate in the collaboration (partnership) is crucial. The key to someone being able to be hypnotized is their willingness. 

I ran into Corey today and he looked dapper in his cream colored suit.  He has released a total of 65 pounds to date. 

The Necessary Elements for Success In Hypnotherapy:

*Desire & Determination *Motivation for Change *Positive Expectations
*Belief in Yourself & Trust in Your Therapist *Commitment

If you have the desire to make a change and become A Better You, I can help. Sessions are available in-person or remote.  Please contact me for a free telephone consult.

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  1. Eugenia, you are a master at taking something that scares a lot of people and making it look easy. Keep up the good work!