Saturday, June 26, 2010

Common Errors People Make When It Comes To Weight Release

COMMON ERRORS PEOPLE MAKE WHEN IT COMES TO WEIGHT RELEASE A few tips to help you with lifestyle modification...

Let's substitute the word 'RELEASE' for 'LOSE' and I'll tell you why.  When you lose something, don't you have the expectation of someday finding it again?  As in when you lose your grandmother's ring for instance.  You hope and wish that one day you will find it.  When you are in 'RELEASE' mode your intention is to let it go permanently.

If you are always ruminating and obsessing about your current circumstance you will continue to attract that to you.  It's important to visualize yourself as being trim, slim, firm and strong.  Begin to focus on the body you choose to have and you will create it and slip into it more easily.  You are choosing to implement permanent lifestyle changes.

Really...make the time.  Aren't you worth it?  When you focus on not having enough time, that's what you get...not enough time.  When I find I am not able to fit in a full workout, I don't become discouraged.  I make good use of the time I have at that moment.  I will do 40 minutes of bike riding rather than my usual 60 minutes.  Why forgo an opportunity to get some exercise in?

Another thing I would like to point out is that it's important to choose exercise you enjoy.  Folks who engage in strenuous, excruciating exercise tend to give it up because they can't maintain the level of effort it requires.  Find things that you enjoy doing and you will easily stick with it.

It is very important to get rid of them immediately as your weight continues to come down.  Do not fall into the trap of having several different sizes of clothes in your closet.  It will be too easy for you to fill them up again!

A minor setback on Monday doesn't have to turn into a full blown binge for the entire day or for the whole week.  Get yourself back up on the horse again ASAP.  Getting back on track quickly is a wonderful self-esteem booster.

You will set yourself up for failure by doing this.  An individuals weight fluctuates throughout the day.  A great tip to psychologically prepare yourself to be in a slender body is to write down the perfect weight range for you on a piece of paper and tape it over the window of your scale and no peeking!

Just get started.  By doing so you will gain momentum and that is what will inspire you to continue. 

Hypnosis is an excellent tool for self-empowerment.  Allow me to be a part of your SUCCESS equation.  I can help you turn procrastination into ACTION.  Let me help you put the umph back in TRIUMPH!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Can you imagine how wonderful I felt when Corey told me I helped him get his life back? Thank you Corey for your trust in me, belief in yourself, determination and commitment to the process!  Mr. Milman has given his consent to share his story.  In fact he's proud to do so.  He has become our biggest cheerleader!  Thank you, Corey. 

Dropping LBs: Corey Milman of East Meadow lost 61 pounds

Corey Milman, a 59-year-old sales representative from East Meadow, underwent hypnosis six months ago, which he believes helped him to lose 61 pounds.
Corey Milman: 'I eat to live instead of living to eat'

Originally published: June 4, 2010 5:42 PM

Updated: June 8, 2010 3:07 PM

By LINDA PERNEY Special to Newsday

Corey Milman of East Meadow lost 61 pounds after he underwent hypnosis and realized that he was eating too much. With some exercise and an updated diet, he now "eats to live instead of living to eat."

Height: 5'7"

Weight before: 238 (Dec. 2008)

Weight after: 177 (June 2010)

His story: Six months ago, Corey Milman had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and was very overweight. Today, that picture has changed radically. "I now do not snore; my sleep apnea is gone; my medications are being reduced under medical supervision," says Milman.

How did he manage to make such a change? "I went for hypnosis," says Milman. "I had five sessions. My therapist listened to what my issues were - my issue was that I ate too much."

As Milman is quick to point out, his weight-loss is an ongoing project. "I continue to reinforce myself since all of my sessions were recorded." But his new way of eating represents more than a change of diet. "This is a change of lifestyle," Milman says. "Now, I eat to live instead of living to eat."

His diet: "I don't count calories. I eat sensibly," says Milman. "No bagels and no desserts. These things were put into my therapy, and I have no desire for them. But I eat pretty much anything I want to eat. I don't eat between meals - I don't get hungry. And I wind up getting fuller faster because I eat much more slowly than I used to. And I don't eat anywhere near as much as I used to."

His exercise: "I am on the aerobic treadmill three times a week, doing at least two miles each time."

His advice: "There's something out there that will help you lose weight," says Milman. "What worked for me might not work for someone else; you just have to find what works for you. But the key is to stop thinking about a diet and think about a lifestyle change."

Hypnosis is an excellent tool for self-empowerment! I invite you to allow me to be part of your SUCCESS equation.  Eugenia E. Karahalias, LCSW-R, CASAC, CCH

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