Saturday, June 1, 2013

F.I.S.T. ~ Families in Support of Treatment Forum June 7, 2013

I hope this message finds you well. F.I.S.T (Families in Support of Treatment) needs your support. We have put together an event which will take place on Friday June 7th in Wantagh, Long Island. 

This event will provide the audience with education, awareness, empowerment, resources, advocacy, a voice and most of all HOPE!  

We will have over fifty agencies, organizations, therapists, interventionists etc. as a resource for those attending the event. There will be representation from Inpatient Residential, Rehab and Detox programs. In addition there will be Outpatient programs , Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Families Anonymous, Al-anon, Nar-anon , private therapists, interventionists etc. If you would like a table at this event please contact Anthony Rizzuto as soon as possible at 516-316-6387.  The deadline to reserve a table is May 31st. 

Be an agent of change, pass this on to others. I don't know of many families that have not been affected by this epidemic. Day in and day out I get a call from a frantic mother or family member saying that they need help. The devastation that addiction causes in families and in our communities is no longer tolerable. From shootings in pharmacies to driving under the influence, we are all impacted. Family members often say It is so hard to get their loved one to agree to get help and when they finally do insurance companies are denying them authorization claiming either that they don't meet medical necessity or that they haven't failed in outpatient. Mind you this is a benefit that the individual has been paying into for years. This cannot continue!! Legislation has been introduced and we need to gather up support throughout the State. This will be the first of several presentations. We have already started discussions on the next one in New York City. After that we will be in Albany , Buffalo and Westchester. The Hispanic community has also reached out for me to put one together in Spanish. 
The ideals of F.I.S.T is unity and strength. Each finger has limited strength on its own, but when the fingers unite they form a Fist which symbolizes strength and unity. It also symbolizes the willingness to FIGHT for what we believe.
So far the response has been incredible. We are hoping to fill each and every seat in the church which holds 800. Email this to friends, family, politicians, media outlets and any connections that you have to bring attention to this cause.
P.S. If you know of anyone that has lost a family member as a result of addiction please invite them. There will be a part of the program where a mother who lost her son will speak and others with the same circumstances will be invited up as well for support. Also if you know of folks that have been denied access to treatment by their insurance company please invite them as well, they will have an opportunity to turn their frustration into action.
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Anthony Rizzuto @ 516-316-6387.  
It is time for change!!! 
Thank you for your support!
F.I.S.T. Steering Committee

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